No trust in SEC’s App

Amaravati : MLA Ambati Rambabu said that YSRCP has no trust in the private app of SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh, which was launched for monitoring elections, and added that the app was developed in TDP office. He  slammed Opposition leaders for attributing motives to State in the arrest of TDP State President Atchannaidu.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, he said that the election monitoring app was brought to benefit the main Opposition and was designed in the TDP office itself, in the same way SEC Ramesh Kumar's letter to Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) was drafted in TDP office.

Ambati Rambabu said that the government is not involved in the arrest of Atchannaidu, as he was caught with evidence of threatening a candidate over filing a nomination and the police did their duty. He criticised Atchannaidu for threatening to take revenge on the police for taking him into custody. MLA Rambabu said that TDP leaders are daydreaming and living in an illusion of coming into power, forming the government, where Lokesh, Chandrababu, Atchannaidu and current SEC Ramesh Kumar would hold plum positions not knowing that people are going to reject them forever.

Speaking on SEC’s visit to Gollagunta of East Godavari district, where the husband of a sarpanch candidate  died under suspicious conditions, he said that the role of SEC is to oversee the smooth conduct of elections, but not to make visits to families of TDP contestants. The investigation has to be carried out by police but not SEC, he said and further questioned, whether Ramesh Kumar visits only TDP candidates or even those of other parties too? He said that the election commissioner visited Gollagunta as a pilot for Lokesh and as a representative of TDP.

Ambati Rambabu said that TDP leader Pattabhi’s car was attacked even earlier and the reason could be anything like personal conflicts, where the police shall investigate. He criticised Pattabhi for not filing an official complaint on the attack and accusing the YSRCP leaders of no reason. He said that the government had no reason to attack Chandrababu Naidu or his men since Chandrababu is politically irrelevant.

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