Navaratnalu Is Govt’s Priority

Governor ESL Narasimhan

Amaravati: AP Assembly session commenced its third day proceedings on Friday. Governor ESL Narasimhan on Friday addressed the members of the Legislative Council as well as members of the newly-elected State Legislative Assembly members. He congratulated the newly elected legislators.

In his speech, he mentioned that AP will continue to reflect the governance goals and policies of the new government headed by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The Governor said, “It is time for the new government to focus on immediate issues. The challenges posed by the partition of the state have been a consequence of incompetent management and the abuse of human and physical resources which have further intensified the state's plight.”

The governor's speech clarified that the government's goal is to provide a free and transparent regime.

The Assembly session began on June 12 with the formation of a new government in Andhra Pradesh. The proceedings will last for five days. On the first day, the Protem Speaker was sworn in along with the legislators.

On the third day, the Governor addressed the joint session of the Assembly and Legislative Council. Speaker Tamineni Sitaram participated in the joint session along with Legislative Chairman Sharif Ahmad Mohammed.

Highlights of the Governor's Speech:

- Congratulations on the new government.

- The new government should work towards solving people's issues

- The new government should deploy a corruption-free rule

- The state should provide the transparent governance

- The judicial commission should be deployed fro tenders tend

- Our government is committed to public service

- We should rectify the shortcomings in the process of tenders

- Government schemes should reach the public

- Deploy Volunteers in the villages to implement the government schemes.

- We will appoint a volunteer for every 50 homes.

- Navaratnalu is our government's priority. Navaratnalu should reach every house.

- The welfare of farmers is our goal. Rs.12,500 will be provided to every farmer under the Rythu Bharosa from October. We will provide an insurance package of Rs 7 lakh under YSR Insurance.

- Food processing unit will be set up in each constituency. We will strengthen the cooperative sector and dairy industry.

- All the projects of the Jala Yagnam will be completed in time. Kidney, Thalassemia patients will be provided with Rs. 10,000 pension.

- Alcohol prohibition will be taken up in stages.

- We will allocate nominated works to BC, SC, ST and minorities.

- We will allocate Rs.10,000 crores to the development of Kapus.

- We are committed to the development of government employees, lawyers and journalists.

- The age of pensioners will be reduced from 65 to 60.

- We will provided a house for every eligible family.

- We will continue our fight for special status.

- The committee has been set up to cancel the CPS.

- 27 percent of government employees will be provided with IR.

- Fees will be provided to the poor students practicing technological and higher education.

- In addition to fee reimbursement, Rs. 20, 000 will be provided for student boarding.

- We will provide Rs.75,000 in four years to SC, ST and minority women who have reached 45 years of age.

- The salaries of social health workers in the tribal welfare department have been increased from Rs. 400 to 4,000.

- We will raise the Anganwadi and Home gaurd salaries.

- The Governor concluded his speech by saying that the journey to provide good governance has just begun.

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