Nandigam slams Lokesh

Amaravati, : MP Nandigam Suresh came down heavily on TDP Leader Nara Lokesh for politicising the death of Guntur student, and said the latter has been  looking for every opportunity to politicise such incidents.

Speaking to media at party central office here on Monday, the MP said though the family of the victim has expressed confidence on the government that they would get justice, Lokesh has visited them only to get political mileage and flayed him for using abusive language during the visit.

The MP said it was Chandrababu  Naidu who had patent on harrassing dalits across the state and reminded the atrocities on women during the previous government. He questioned Lokesh why he was silent when a dalit women was stripped naked in Pendurthi during the previous government and added that the current  issue is unlike Karemchedu or Tsunduru incidents.


He said the incident could have been avoided if there was any prior information to parents or police and urged the women not to hesitate to inform their problems. He said Disha Police stations, Police, women police, toll-free number local MLAs and MPs are available to women to express their concerns.

Listing out the statistics, the MP said 91 cases were registered for assault on  SC ST women in 2018 and it was 82 cases in 2019 and added that the cases were reduced to 80 in 2020 and   63 in 2021. He said the period for investigating such cases  used to be 232-268 days in previous government while it has reduced to 98 days on average in 2020 and  it was  59 days in 2021.

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