Jogi Ramesh castigates TDP, Jana Sena

Amaravati : Minister for Housing Jogi Ramesh asserted that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is the only Chief Minister in the country who asked his MLAs and Ministers to visit door-to-door and explain the welfare schemes to the public and also ensure the implementation of unattended issues. Addressing the media here on Tuesday, he said that due to lack of response for the TDP's 'Badhude Badhudu' programme, Chandrababu Naidu has been misleading the public through another drama. Reiterating that TDP is a 'Telugu Dongala Party' and 'Telugu Drama Party', he remarked that TDP leaders are using abusive language and behaving like 'psychos'. Chandrababu Naidu is not in a position to hold his flock together, he said adding that TDP was rejected in 2019 elections and it has no strength to face the YSRCP in the coming elections. Nara Lokesh has no locus standi to criticise the Chief Minister who has endeared to the masses through his welfare programmes. However, Naidu instead of explaining about his achievements to the people is spreading false rumours and threatening them to give him a mandate in the coming elections. He also made it clear that even if the BJP-TDP and Jans Sena contest together in the next elections they cannot defeat YSRCP. The minister also described Pawan Kalyan as a 'Package psycho' and his party as 'Psycho Sena' whose leaders attack people during nights. Pawan Kalyan has been touring the state once a week as a visiting guest and making derogatory comments which are highly deplorable, he said.

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