I am with you

Likening the swaying tides of milling crowds to an indication of imminent change Andhra Pradesh is going to witness soon, YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy gave a firm assurance of ‘ I am with you’ to all sections of the people who bore the brunt of the mal-governance of Chandrababu government for the past five years. He promised to put an end to the anarchy in the state. YS Jagan assured the people of the state of ushering in an era of welfare governance.

Addressing election rallies with crowds pouring in from all corners on Monday, YS Jagan said, ‘ I have seen and understood the plight of all sections of people during my Padayatra and how famers, women, pensioners, youth, students, patients, workers, artisans, small and petty traders had suffered during the past five years and I assure you that I am with you and am here to address all your issues which are incorporated in the manifesto, to be released soon.” The massive gatherings everywhere heard him with rapt attention.

He appealed to all the sections not be lured by the short term gains of Chandrababu Naidu who will be coming with money bags but to opt for long-term benefits like Navaratnas which will shower on them financial aid for education right from primary to professional courses, medicare, repayment of all loans of women groups in four instalments, increasing pension amount to Rs 3,000, providing sops to farmers from seed capital to MSP and marketing facilities.

“With 50 % of the population being women, I appeal to my sisters not to be lured by the Rs 3,000 which will be given by Chandrababu Naidu, but use your discretion and elect a leader to stands by his word and will be with you in the hour of crisis and not like the TDP leader who comes like a seasonal bird during elections to announce sops and go away never to be seen before the next elections.

I have seen the plight of women, who became defaulters due to the cheating of Chandrababu Naidu, the economic and social structure of every family has been hit by the wrong policies of the ruling government. I am with you and will be there to help you out to bring back the zero percent interest loans to give economic activity. All loans the women groups have will be waived in four instalments and all the women who are in the age group of 45 to 60 will be given Rs 75,000,” he said.

“I am with you,” he told the farmers who are in distress and the parents who were not able to afford the education of their children and ran into debts. “I am with you,” he told the poor households who fell into debt trap due to the improper implementation of Aarogryasri and assured that education and quality medicare would be made affordable to poorest of the poor.

“The pension amount was hiked just three months before the elections only after our Party has taken up the issue and I am with you, he told the old and aged people that the amount would be increased to Rs 3,000 after YSRCP comes to power.”

“I am with you” was the slogan which rent the air and reverberated from the crowds at all the election rallies and the crowds have went hysterical by chanting CM, CM and were elated at every pause of YS Jagan.

“As I have seen your plight during my padayatra, I gave a patient ear to your problems and I assure you that I will address all the issues that are affecting your lives. I have seen your plight, I am with you to improve your standard of living.”

At Rayachoti, he said, “Chandrababu can stoop to any level and has eliminated my own uncle to demoralise me. The ghastly murder takes place under his guidance, it is his police that take up the investigation and it is his friendly media that tom-toms spinning story after story.

Chandrababu Naidu has resorted to data theft and has procured the personal details of all of you and has given them away to private parties. He has been resorting to murder politics and will be using his money, muscle and media power and we will have to fight the battle against all these factors and reject the corrupt practice.”

YS Jagan said that the ruling party is steeped in rampant corruption. “Special Category Status (SCS) was mortgaged for selfish benefits, Polavaram contract was taken from Centre for kickbacks and now Chandrababu Naidu is coming with a slogan of assurance which sounds ridiculous,” he said.

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