GVMC Elections: YSRCP Announces Second List Of Candidates

VISAKHAPATNAM: The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) elections are going to be held on March 23. In the wake of elections, YSRCP has announced second list of candidates. Tourism Minister Avanti Srinivas and YSRCP leader Dadi Veerabhadra Rao announced the list of 54 candidates on Friday.

Here is the list of candidates.

Visakha North - Divisions

14th Division - K.Anil Kumar
24th Division - Padma Reddy
26th Division - Peela Venkata Laxmi
43rd Division - Peddishetty Usha Shri
45th Division - Kampa Honaka
48th Division - Nili Thirumala Devi
50th Division - Vavilalapalli Prasad
51st Division - Reyyi Venkata Ramana
54th Division - Challa Rajini
55th Division - Shashikala
Visakha East - Divisions

10th Division - Bonda Madhavi
12th Division - Akramani Pushpa
17th Division - Gedela Lavanya
19th Division - Suruda Venkatalaxmi
Visakha West - Division

41st Division - Y. Fathima Rani
56th Division - Adati Srinivas Rao
58th Divsion - G Lavanya
59th Divsion - Purna Sri
61st Divsion - Dadi Surya Kumari
62nd Divsion - Palla Lakshmana Rao
63rd Divsion - Pilaka Ram Mohan Reddy
89th Divsion - Doddi Kiran
90th Divsion - Chukka Prasad Reddy
Visakha South - Division

30th Division - P Jyothi
34th Division - B Gouri
36th Division - K Swarna Latha
39th Division - Kolli Simhachalam
Bheemili 1st Division - Akramani Padma

2nd Division - Ch Karunakar Reddy
3rd Division - M Bharati
4th Division - Yedukondala Rao
5th Division - P Venkata Rama Devi
6th Division - D Priyanka
7th Division - Pothula Lakshmi
98th Division - Y Varaha Narasimham
65th Division - B Narasimha Patrudu
66th Division - Mohmmad Imran
70th Division - V Ramachandra Rao
71st Division - R Rama Rao
73rd Division - B.Sujatha
74th Division - T Vamsi Reddy
75th Division - K Bharati
76th Division - B Ramana
78th Division - G Govinda Raju
86th Division - B Subba Rao
87th Division - P Vijaya Lakshmi
Pendurthi 93rd Division - D Appal Raju

94th Division - A Murali Krishna
97th Division - G Venkata Leelavathi
84th Division - P Yashoda
Anakapalli 80th Division - K Neelima

81st Division - P Lakshmi Soujanya
82nd Division - M Sunitha
83rd Division - J Prasanna Lakshmi

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