BJP Inducting Corrupt Leaders To Grow In AP

C Ramachandraiah

Amaravati: Although there was no harm in BJP having political ambitions in Andhra Pradesh, but it should refrain from inducting "economic terrorists" like Sujana Chowdary for sake of its political ends, YSRCP State general secretary C Ramachandraiah said.

Speaking to press persons here on Monday, the YSRCP leader said: "Since TDP has lost out politically opening up the political landscape, BJP wants to occupy that space. There is nothing wrong with BJP wanting to improve politically. But they are doing so by inducting economic terrorists and faction leaders."

Ramchandraiah's statement points to the shift that has come about in the State politically. Hitherto, though BJP and YSRCP did not have any alliance, neither did they trade barbs against each other pointing to a friendship of sorts. But the YSRCP leader's remarks on Monday point to the fact that YSRCP and BJP will be pitted against each other in the days to come, with TDP relegated to being a relatively smaller role.

Lashing out at Sujana Chowdary, who recently crossed over from TDP to BJP, Ramchandraiah alleged that the former was "TDP's covert in BJP". "Chandrababu Naidu is ruined by having Sujana Chowdary by his side. I am wondering how come Sujana Chowdary who always known to think about his own, started thinking about the State. It is amusing," he hit out.

Instead of being happy over YSRCP government's decisions to arrest corruption by slew of transparent measures, the BJP was casting aspersions and levelling criticism against us, he alleged. Further, he asked why BJP which castigated Chandrababu Naidu until recently started speaking a different language.


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