BCs not ready to fall for Chandrababu’s words 

Senior YSR Congress Party leader Dharmana Prasada Rao



Hyderabad: Senior YSR Congress Party leader Dharmana Prasada Rao criticised Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, saying that he was hoodwinking members of the Backward Caste (BC) communities in the state, that too just before the state Assembly elections.

Speaking to reporters on Monday he said that Chandrababu had no right to raise the slogan "Jai Ho BC" and that the BCs were not ready to fall for his words either.

What has he done in the past five years, he questioned that he now comes to talk about welfare schemes for them. Now out of fear that they might question him, he is starting these Jaya Ho BC programs, he said.

He also questioned as to whether Chandrababu had included any member of the BC community as a minister in the Central cabinet when he was in alliance with UPA, and the people were aware as to who were sent to the Centre, he reminded. Neither were they made ministers nor were they even nominated to the Rajya Sabha , he criticised. It may be recollected that he had even sent a letter to the Centre stating that BCs were not qualified to be Judges.

Talking about the socio-economic caste census-2011 which till date was not completed despite being questioned by Justice Eswaraiah, the former chairman of National Backward Classes Commission and retired High Court Judge, Chandrababu has no answer for this, but now all of a sudden is talking about the BC welfare committees, he said.

To appease the voters from the fisherman caste he promised them ST status, but when it came to implementation he completely forgot and when they protested he had the audacity to threaten them. He further alleged that Chandrababu had a very low opinion of BCs and we all remember when he commented on the Nayi Brahmins on the basis of caste, he reminded.

Dharmana also recollected late YSR Congress leader Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy's welfare schemes for the BCs and how he had introduced the fees reimbursement scheme for them which had helped so many of the students study further and get jobs. He also gave a hint about YS Jagan's future plans for the BCs which would be revealed soon and that it was only YS Jagan who was capable of doing justice for them , he concluded.

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