AP Jumps From 16th To 4th Rank In GSDP Growth Rate

 Revenue Minister Dharmana Prasad Rao: During Naidu's regime, the state's industrial growth stood at a mere 3.2%, but under CM Jagan, it has tripled, reaching 10.59%

YSRCP: Under TDP, agriculture growth rate was negative (-6.5%), today under CM Jagan it’s 5.56%, why isn’t media highlighting this fact?!

On the last day of Phase II of YSRCP’s ‘Samajika Sadhikara’ yatra, senior leaders from the party reiterated how Andhra Pradesh had done very well across all parameters on the development front. Today, party leaders representing the BC, SC, ST, and Minority communities organised massive public meetings in Kurupam Constituency, Manyam district (North zone) and Machilipatnam Constituency in Krishna district (Central zone). These gatherings underscored CM Jagan's commitment not just to the marginalised communities, to the welfare of the public but majorly to the overall progress and development of the state made in the sectors of economy, agriculture, industry, investments, education, healthcare and infrastructure. Given that the ‘Why AP Needs Jagan’ campaign is running parallely where the party cadre is going to every household to highlight the promises fulfilled by CM Jagan and at the same time expose how TDP failed on every promise, the bus yatra is seeing an overwhelming response. 


*North Zone*

Vizianagaram MP Bellana Chandrashekhar highlighted CM Jagan's dedicated focus on uplifting the state. He said, "CM Jagan has adeptly balanced welfare and development in Andhra Pradesh. He is a visionary leader committed to the state's prosperity, prioritizing the people over electoral considerations."


Araku MP Goddetta Madhavi emphasized, "CM Jagan bestowed respect to Tribals by establishing Parvatipuram as a district. Otherwise, who would have thought about us?” Further, Kurupam MLA Pushpa Sri Vaani added, "CM Jagan not only fulfilled every commitment but also delivered justice by giving us social and political representation. It is this justice that we term _Samajika Sadhikarata_”


*Central Zone*

Revenue Minister Dharmana Prasad Rao highlighted crucial developmental statistics of the state. He said, "Andhra Pradesh has made rapid strides as far as GSDP growth is concerned. The state was ranked 16th in March 2019 but jumped to the 4th rank in 2022-23. Subsequently, the per capita income of AP advanced from 17th rank in March 2019 to 9th rank in 2022-23. This is development! And mind you, I am quoting data from Central agencies like RBI so no one can dare to question it!" 


In a full throttle attack against the TDP, Dharmana Prasad Rao said, "While Chandrababu Naidu was in power, the state's industrial growth stood at a mere 3.2%. However, under CM Jagan, it has tripled, reaching 10.59%. Previously, agriculture, the backbone of the state's economy, was ranked 27th with a negative growth rate of -6.5%. But under CM Jagan, agriculture is now flourishing at +5.56%. We have now moved from the second last to the 7th position in the state!"


MLA Anil Kumar Yadav added, "CM Jagan has nominated a fisherman to the Rajya Sabha! Which other CM has the guts to do this? It is under CM Jagan’s leadership that at the moment, nine fishing harbors are currently being constructed. And it’s not just about infrastructure, his benevolence is what makes him stand apart. It was CM Jagan who swiftly assisted the owners whose boats were damaged in a recent fire mishap in Visakhapatnam harbour. Government reacted with absolute alacrity and provided aid within a remarkable four-day timeframe."

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