Zonal System pushes farmers into distress

  • Farmers’ lives totally devastated
  • Prohibition of sale of lands with the name of ‘Green Zone’
  • Safety of binamis’ lands ensured
  • Cruel act condemned by certain TDP leaders too
  • Green Zone is another weapon projected by Chandrababu’s Government to hurt the well-being of the state’s people. All the lands included in this zone belong to normal farmers. Selling these lands for purposes other than agriculture has been prohibited. Lands belonging to the ruling party leaders, their accomplices and their binamis have been safely categorized under ‘commercial zone’, to ensure their earnings crores of rupees.

     ‘Master plan’ has been prepared by employing foreign brains and spending crores of rupees. Zones have been classified to enable binamis’ profit. Their lands came under ‘Development Zones’ and ‘Commercial Zones’ while the lands of the poor farmers came under ‘Green Zones’. Their lands ended up costing crores of rupees while the poor farmers remained poor with their lands costing only lakhs per acre. Leave alone their worth; the right to sell them also has been legally cancelled and strict regulations have been issued to not use them for anything but cultivation. This is the brutal game played by the Government with the mask of capital city development.

    Curse with the name of Green Zone 

    • Capital plan deprived poor farmers of their rights.
    • Lands of worth Rs.4 crore per acre ended up falling to Rs.40 lakh per acre.
    • Lands of worth Rs.2 crore per acre ended up having no buyers for even Rs.20 lakh per acre.
    • Adjacent lands surprisingly have widely different values.
    • Some lands are worth crores of rupees, while some others are lakhs.
    • This is the result of zoning of lands in the capital city.
    • Classification of zones was kept secret and accomplices of CM bought all the commercial lands.
    • Babu’s binamis now own the lands in comemrcial zones while poor farmers own the lands in the agriculture zone.
    • Babu’s lands now cost crores of rupees and farmers’ lands cost only lakhs.
    • Government’s veterans ended up earning crores while farmers went bankrupt…. Mission of the rulers accomplished!
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