YSRCP seeks to convey this to people

There is a conspiracy behind the attack on Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh assembly and YSRCP chief Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, which is not being probed upon in the investigation.

According to Section 120(B), the accused and all the others involved should be investigated as per law. The YSR Congress party has sought to convey this to the people.

1) How did the weapon used for the attack on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy pass the two security checks and get into the high security airport area? This has still not been established.

2)Accused Janipalli Sreenivasa Rao is an employee with the restaurant inside the airport, and this particular food court is owned by TDP leader Harshavardhan Prasad Choudary who has sought a TDP ticket in the 2014 elections. His reach goes to the top leaders of the party and is said to be a close aide of IT Minister and CM's son, Nara Lokesh.

3) The accused Janipalli Sreenivasa Rao has a criminal background in spite of which he was employed by Harshavardhan Choudary, the intent behind which seems malicious.

4) If Telugu Desam is supporting Harshavardhan Choudary, he is in turn backing Janipalli Sreenivas, the attacker, who smuggled the knife into the airport VIP lounge.

5)Janipalli Sreenivas's paternal uncle is the deputy sarpanch of the village Thanelanka and is a staunch supporter of the TDP party. Local Janmabhoomi committee had sanctioned 2 houses to the family of the accused, which establishes a link between the party and the family.

6)This family has never supported the YSRCP. They are sympathizers of the TDP as is being said by the villagers.

7) Actor Sivaji who is in good books of the TDP party and Chandrababu had made a statement about "Operation Garuda". According to him, the government at the centre is hatching a conspiracy against the state government. As a part of this, the opposition leader will be attacked. this will create anarchic conditions, he predicted.

8) There is a larger conspiracy aimed at harming, YSR Congress party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

9) The attack was pre-planned, as a part of which the attacker's weapon was smuggled into the restaurant run by the TDP leader inside the airport. As the airport is under CISF jurisdiction, the state government planned the attack there.

10) State DGP and Chief Minister's comments after the murder attempt are disheartening and giving rise to many suspicions.

11) The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandrababu Naidu alleged that YS Jagan went to his residence right away from the airport, spoke to the BJP and later got himself admitted to the hospital. This is a patently false allegation, aimed at sidetracking the investigation. The patrolling vehicle allotted to the leader by the state government also accompanied him from the airport to the hospital.

12) Within an hour of the attack, AP DGP spoke to the press and made a statement that "the accused is a fan of the injured leader." What is the basis on which the DGP made this statement made in the press meet.

13)The AP DGP claimed that the accused in the murder attempt is a sympathizer of YSR Congress and later, they released flexis portraying the accused as a fan of the leader. How did they get access to them, if they were posted 11 months ago with in an hour?

14)There were two flexi designs which were released of which one had rose flowers and the other did not. Both of them had Garuda picture in them, which is never seen in the state of AP. Dr YS RajaSekhara Reddy's picture is also missing on the flexi.

15) YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's life escaped this attempt on his life by God's grace. But the CM and the media which supports him is trying to play down the gravity of the issue. They said that the cut inflicted on his left shoulder is 0.5 cm, whereas it is actually, 3.5 cm because of which it required 9 stitches. The doctors said that of the 9, 4 were to the injury caused to the muscle.

16) If "Carotid Artery" an important blood vessel in the neck had been injured, then it could have been life-threatening, a fact which is being sidelined. As the attacker missed his aim, YS Jagan escaped with Gods grace.

17) Leaders from Jana Sena, TRS, BJP have condemned the attack, which is being called as a conspiracy by Chandrababu. Moreover, he is forging an alliance with Congress and the leaders from Congress Jana Reddy, Jaipal Reddy, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy have met the injured leader. What does Chandrababu have to say about this?

18) The police stated that the accused carried a 11 page letter in his pocket. If a letter has to be carried in a pocket, it has to be folded which is not the case with the letter released by the police.

19) How come, in the letter 4-5 kinds of handwriting are seen, and there is a discrepancy in the total number of pages in the letter as mentioned by the DGP and Chandrababu?

20)Only when the accused is trying to convince people that someone else is the culprit they carry a letter. Considering all the factors, the letter seems a part of the bigger conspiracy against the leader.

21) In the remand report, only one line is given to the attack on the leader. The letter also frames the accused as a sympathizer of the injured leader. It also mentions about the welfare programs to be implemented. If the accused wanted YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to the next CM of AP, then what made him attack the leader is the basic question. This makes it clear that the letter is being used to hide the motives of the conspiracy

22) The accused shouted that his life is under threat and he has got things to reveal. Who is trying to do all this if not Chandrababu, who is plotting to kill the accused, using him as a pawn?

23) As per IPC 120(B) along with the culprit, the plan also should be investigated so that all the questions are answered. All the people involved will be unveiled. According to IPC section 107, all the people who supported the accused and helped him commit the crime also should investigated,, which is not actually happening. Who is trying to keep all these issues in the dark.

The charge sheet says that only a thorough probe will uncover all the facets of the conspiracy behind this murderous attack on YS Jagan.
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