YSRCP poses these questions to TDP

To bring pressure on the centre over granting of special category status to Andhra Pradesh, the YSRCP MPs submitted their resignations and began hunger strike at AP Bhavan in Delhi five days ago. Speaking on the issue, the party called upon public requesting them to question the ruling party on what stops the TDP MPs from giving up their posts for the cause.
The party also posed few questions to TDP on their efforts to achieve special category status to Andhra Pradesh. Here are the questions....
1. Why aren't the TDP MPs  resigning?
2. What stops the TDP MPs from participating in the hunger strike backing the YSRCP?
3. Won't the issue trigger a nationwide debate if the 25 MPs sacrificed their positions?
4. Will the mass resignations not bring pressure on the centre?
5. What reasons do the chief minister and MPs for not giving up their posts?
6. Shouldn't resignation of the Lok Sabha members form the public opinion?
7. If the by-elections are held, will not the public get an opportunity to speak on the special status?
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