YS Jagan tour in YSR district

The three-day-long visit by YS Jagan
The Leader who unites the people
The way of integrating with locals

Kadapa: The leader of Opposition, YS Jagan, visited the YSR district for three days. He demonstrated his habit of fighting for his constituency and putting continues efforts in interacting with the people to solve the problems of them.

On the first day visit :
The leader of Opposition reached Pulivendula by road from Bangalore. On his way he visited and examined the peanut crop which was completely dried in Beda reddy village, Gorantla Mandal, Anantapur district. He spoke to the farmers about the crop and the farmers responded about their concerns while cultivating the crop. They mentioned that even if they want to save the crop by taking loans, there is no scope for them to get loans for faming. They expressed their grief about the farm loan waiver scheme to forgive the debt which proved to be false. YS Jagan provided courage to farmers while speaking to them. He arrived at Pulivendula and interacted with the locals.

On the second day visit to Kadapa:
On the second day YS Jagan reached Kadapa. He fought against the Minister Narayan and his followers based on the wrong management happening at the end of the Corporate College. He was responded on the recent incident about the suicide of two students and protested near the RIMS hospital. While going to Pulivendula he held prayers near the local temples. Jagan paid his tribute to the body of the YSRCP leader, CRI Subba Reddy.

Third day - Talks between Jagan and locals
YS Jagan reviewed the progress of the Pulivendula Constiutency. He spoke to the local people. Jagan attended the Engagement between Bhaskar Reddy's son Sandeep from Rayinapuram village with Nandini and blessed the couples engagement as the dates for the marriage are fixed.   

It is know that though Jagan is representing the Pulivendula Constituency, but demonstrates his habit of fighting for his constituency and putting continues efforts in the Part affairs review and progress  . As a part of it YS Jagan is visiting the district for three-days.
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