Women narrate their suffering to Sharmila

of self-help groups and handloom weavers narrated their individual untold
stories of suffering to Sharmila during the 13th day of her Maro Praja
Prasthanam at Syndicate Nagar and Brahamanapalle Cross Road in Anantapuram
district on Tuesday.

of the women told her they are not in the know of things to ascertain whether
or not the 25 paisa interest loan scheme is in vogue. “When I took the loan,
they said it was on 25 paisa interest but when I was repaying I was asked to
pay two rupee interest. We were told some of the interest will come back to us
but some say 25 paisa interest loan scheme has been revoked. We don’t know what
to do,” an old woman told Sharmila.

woman, a handloom worker, told Sharmila at Syndicate Nagar that she took a loan
of Rs.15,000 through handloom society during Chandrababu Naidu regime but she
was forced to pay the loan by selling her Mangalasutra.

fact, though there was no loan waiver during YSR regime, we once got an
insurance to the tune of Rs.18,000,” she told Sharmila, adding  she is not in a position to believe the
promises of TD president Chandrababu Naidu on loan waiver.

some more women told Sharmila that officials had registered their names for
pension under ‘Abhaya Hastam’ during the YSR regime but after his death their
names were removed. “We are all handloom workers but we are not getting any
support from the Government for our survival. We came to know that all our
names have been removed from the lists of pensioners,” they told Sharmila.

told them that the Abhaya Hastam scheme would be revived when YSRCP comes to power
under the leadership of Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

 (Updated on Oct 31, 2012)

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