Who is inspiring the YSRCP leaders, cadre to walk the extra mile?

True to its character, the YSRCP has always been in the forefront fighting for the rights of the common man. It is this fighting spirit and sense of responsibility that is coming in for alround praise. Like their supreme leader YS Jagan, the party leaders are also walking the extra mile when it comes to highlighting irregularities in the delivery of services, questioning of corruption and inadequacies.

Take for instance Nellore rural MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy. The other day, to support a demand by the locals for a bridge over the drain in the town, Kotamreddy stood in the drain water for several others. He came out only after the officials agreed to complete the bridge within 45 days.  Similarly, YSRCP senior leader walked the extra mile on the issue of Telugu fisherfolk landing in Pak jails. He spoke to the Pakistan embassy and is working for their early release. 

Several overseas YSRCP activists have worked very hard in sending back victims trapped in the Gulf countries. On several occasions, the YSRCP activists have supported the victims by taking care of their travel needs. Similarly, the YSRCP provided relief and succor to the kin of those who ended their lives demanding special status to AP. The party had also sent relief during the Titli cyclone and Kerala floods.

The party’s people-first attitude and people-centric approach is making them do these things. It is following the footsteps of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who has time and again demonstrated his steely resolve to stay on the side of the people. This is quite contrary to what the ruling party leaders are doing. Kudos to the YSRCP.
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