Whether Fair Trail is Possible

In a stinging attack on the Chandrababu Government's go-soft approach on the Call Money scam, YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy demanded that the Government order a thorough inquiry into the scam by High Court's sitting judge to unravel the people behind the scam.
YS Jagan wrote a four-page open letter to Chandrababu Naidu and decried the chief minister's attempts to falsely implicate leaders from other parties to bail out the TDP leaders involved in the scam.
A seven member gang was recently arrested in Vijayawada for sexually exploiting women, who couldn't pay back the loans they took from the gang. The scam has become known as Call Money scam. The kingpins of the gang are known to be TDP workers and at least two legislators - TDP MLA Bode Prasad and MLC Buddha Venkanna - have close links to the gang. In fact, the gang's kingpin Venigalla Srikanth is on holidy to the US along with the MLA. 
YS Jagan asked Chandrababu Naidu to make public the links between his MLAs and Ministers to the racket and asked him not to save anyone. YS Jagan said that both the gang and the TDP leaders were inseparably linked and should be punished.
"To weaken the case and to bail out your party workers and leaders, attempts are being made to implicate leaders from other parties,"he said. He asked Chandrababu Naidu to accept responsiblity for the scam as it happened because of the support from the TDP.  "You address press meets every other day on any issue. But, you are silent on this issue. Why are you not trying to snuff out such elements?" he asked Chandrababu Naidu. 
He reminded that Chandrababu himself asked the officials  during the first collectors' conference to go slow on TDP workers. "The government has ensured that there are no cases against MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar, who dragged a woman tehsildar by hair and abused the Anganwadi women. The government is also sending wrong signals by going soft against the principal in the Vanajakshi case," he said.

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