Top Ten Comments of Roja

Hyderabad: Woman
MLA and president of woman’s wing of YSR Congress Party RK Roja slammed
Chandrababu’s atrocious Government. She arranged a media conference at YSRCP’s
central office at Lotus Pond in light of her fight for justice regarding her
one-year long suspension from the assembly. Here is the list of top ten
powerful comments she made during her speech in the conference.

1) I do not have to apologize for a
mistake I did not commit. I will resign to my MLA position if proven wrong.

2) I was suspended for exposing and
questioning the misdeeds of the Government. 

3) This is a fight between a
woman and the male chauvinistic rule of TDP.

4) If records are extracted truth will
surface. It will be clear whose aim is to verbally abuse others and whose job
is to talk about people’s problems.

5) Call Money sex racket is growing right
in the neighbourhood of the CM. Still I was suspended for questioning about it.

6) When I reached assembly looking for
justice, I was pushed away with the help of marshals. They did not even care to

7) I was suspended by the gang that had
backstabbed and caused the death of NTR and the gang that had slaughtered
Vangaveeti Ranga.

8) Sex Racket offenders are now sitting
beside Babu. A TDP MLA has insulted women in a movie audio release ceremony.
MLA Anitha states that it was all an attempt to make women happy.

9) Will the media channels telecasting
TDP-provided video tapes not be punished? Why was no action taken against the
newspaper that put the heading “Ca.Mo.”? Why was I suspended for mentioning the
same? What kind of justice is this?

10) TDP leaders are abusing the
opposition only for attaining ministries. You enjoy it if you want.

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