TDP's Corruption Tsunami

  • Master plan is all humbug
  • Farmers’ lands
  • Robbery under the mask
    of Swiss Challenge
  • Ruling TDP’s
    corruption story

Chandrababu’s Government has established a huge corruption kingdom in the
name of Amaravathi. It has raised curtains to a huge scam under the mask of
Swiss Challenge system, doing real estate business with swallowed farmers’
lands. It has gotten ready to sell developed lands in the capital area without
doing any construction. If core capital is developed, the surrounding lands
owned by benamis will have multiplied value. The Government veterans who have snatched
hundreds of acres of lands from farmers will be benefited.

To implement this plan, the CM bluffed that Singapore had gotten ready to
provide a master plan for the capital city for free due to the friendly
relations he had had with the country’s Government.

APIIC (Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation) entered into
an MoU with Singapore Government firm IE (International Enterprises) for making
the master plan on the 8th of December in 2014. Later, the
responsibility of making the plan was transferred to private companies Surbana
International and Jurang International. Just like he snatched farmers’ lands
unjustly the name of land acquisition, Chandrababu brought Swiss Challenge
system into picture.

On the 30th of March in 2015, when Singaporean companied
handed over the master plan of the capital region, the CM announced that the
master developer would be selected based on Swiss Challenge system. Singaporean
minister Eshwaran responded immediately and stated that Singaporean companies
were competing to be the master developer. As per an agreement prior made, certain
Singaporean private companies joined hands to form a consortium.

The robbery plan

  • The consortium of
    Singaporean companies and the Capital City Develoment and Management
    Corporation (CCDMCL)together formed Amaravathi Development Partner (ADC) for the
    implementation of startup area project and the consortium proposed for equal
    shares on the 30th of October in 2015.
  • But as there were
    benami companies in the consortium, CM Chandrababu himself suggested at
    Singapore during discussion on the 24th and the 25th of
    January that the share for the companies should be 58% and that for CCDMCL
    should be 42%. Who makes such a suggestion against the Government’s benefit?
  • The expenditure of
    Singaporean companies for the startup project is surprisingly just Rs.306.4
    crore while CCDMCL, on behalf of AP Government spent Rs.221.9 crore. Then for
    infrastructure creation, it is to spend Rs.5,500 crore. As Singapore requested
    to keep it secret in a sealed cover about the share of revenue offered to the
    state Government by those companies, Chandrababu accepted to it.
  • The ratio of the
    expenditures is not at all a match for the ratio of their shares. This explains
    how much the companies are going to be benefited.
  • From the lands
    snatched from farmers, 1691 acres are being given away for the startup area
    project. The land on Vijayawada-Bander road values over Rs.2 lakh now. In Seed
    Capital area, a square yard is worth at least Rs.1 lakh, as stated by the CM
    himself. Then the value of the 1691 acres would be at least Rs.47,348 crore.
    From this the 58% share of Singapore consortium will be Rs.27,461.84 crore and the
    state Government’s will be only Rs.9,886.16 crore.
  • Also, the consortium
    is being allowed to sell the lands at any time in 25 years to come.
  • So we are giving away
    our lands along with rights for sale, we are spending more and benefiting Singaporean
    companies. This is the plan plotted by Chandrababu for mortgaging benefit of
    people of the state for those companies only to earn commission from those
    companies later.

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