Say one thing, do another thing: Chandrababu style

He says he is working tirelessly for the farmers. But, when the farmers try to raise their problems, he shouts them down and brands them as anti-TDP. On one hand he says he has personally stopped the Titli cyclone and took up relief and rehabilitation in a big way, but on the other hand, he threatens to mow down the people who request for drinking water at the relief camps. 

One on hand, he claims to be doing everything for the fisher folk, but when the fisher-folk request him to fulfill the given assurances, he gets them pushed out. Ditto with the barber community. He had assured to take care of the Fathima College students. But, when they meet him, he got them thrown out as they had a meeting with Chandrababu Naidu. 

Ditto with AgriGold victims. Despite his exhortations that he would provide succor to the victims, he slammed them when they met him. He talks about Zero Budget agriculture, but wants Rs 6000 from the Centre. He wants special status for 15 years. But, praises special package given by the Centre. When he backed special package, anyone opposing it is a traitor. Today, he wants special status. Anyone who talks otherwise is a villain.

That's Chandrababu Naidu for you. Today he says one thing and says diametrically opposite things later. He says something and does something else.

Think over before you back this first rate opportunist CM!!!

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