Sanksaree vs Ahankaree

We have heard about Sanskaris and Ahankaris. To know how they look like, one has to just see YS Jagan and Chandrababu. Young Jagan is picture perfect of manners, respect and courteous behaviour, while Chandrababu is personification of arrogance and power-mongering. The language he uses is insulting and demeaning.

The moment Chandrababu attains power, his language changes and he turns abusive. YS Jagan on the other hand has never used such language. Abuse, invective and attacks are an anathema to YS Jagan. His language even when criticizing, is sober. 

Even after 22 of his MLA defected, YS Jagan had never used cuss words for them. He had never abused them. He was sober while referring to them. He only demanded that they resign their posts and prove that the people support them despite their defection. When Chandraabu insulted the Opposition inside the house, Jagan did not react violently. He simply said that Assembly was no longer the place for the Opposition to voice the people’s concerns and boycotted it.

The lesson here is that Chandrababu may be ahankaree… but Jagan is Sanskaree. Chandrababu is like a sea, but it can’t quench anyone’s thirst. Jagan is like a well. Water oozes out always and it quenches the thirst of many people. Chandrababu may be the CM, but he does not fulfil any promise and does no good to the people. Jagan may not be the CM, but he has people at the centre of all his thinking and at the centre of all his politics. 

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