Sand Mining & Liquor Menace Haunt AP in Chandrababu Govt

Unabated sand mining and the spread of illegal liquor sales through belt shops in every nook and corner in Andhra Pradesh was the result of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and his henchmen's craving for money through illegal means.  

All the river beds, tanks and waterbodies have been exploited by TDP leaders  through illegal sand mining.  The Chief Minister announced to take stringent action against sand mafia but no action has been taken so far. On the other hand, the TDP leaders are threatening the officials with dire consequences if they obstructed sand mining. 

It is a known fact that  the TDP leaders were indulged in illegal mining at River Godavari and Krishna banks and smuggled sand. Shockingly, officials were also maintaining mute spectator role even as local people lodged complaint againt illegal mining of sand.  

An official Musunuru MRO Vanajakshi had to face ruling party leaders anger for clamping restrictions on mining in Krishna district.  She was not only abused but also threatened if she did not sit calm.  Denduluru MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar followers also attacked her. But no acton was taken against the  MLA and TDP leaders and the complaint lodged by the official was thrown in to dustbin. 
Chandrababu Naidu had also came in support of  the legislator and the official was made scapegoat in the whole episode.

The TDP government also failed in curbing illegal liquor sales across the state. As a result,  women bore brunt as their husbands addicted to liquor consumption.  Astonishing all,  at one side Chandrababu declared the AP was freed from belt shops and on the other side he recently announced constitution mobile parties to check the growing menace of belt shops. 
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