River Krishna Is Facing Extinction In Chandrababu Rule

Thanks to Chandrababu Naidu’s lopsided policies and the decisions taken against the spirit of River Conservation Acts. One of the lifelines to address irrigation and drinking water needs in Andhra Pradesh - river Krishna is shrinking day by day. 

The unbridled construction activity including the CM's  official residence and allotment of huge chunks of lands to Chandrababu's close aides on the banks of Krishna spoiled the whole  ecology of the river bed. The violation of river conservation acts by the TDP government has also put a big question mark on the existence of natural resources at Krishna in the future. 

The river conservation act banned construction within  the 500 meters  periphery of  any  river in India. 
Not only this, the TDP leaders encroached upon huge tracts of lands along Krishna which will play a big havoc to the local environment.   The construction of new capital city at Krishna also posed a big threat of extinction of river permanently.  

India's Waterman Dr Rajender Singh  opposed  strongly the construction activity around Krishna.  Fearing the issue will trigger furore at national level, Rajendar Singh was bullied and threatened by Chandrababu's henchmen during his visit to Andhra.  

Under Chandrababu regime,  government lands, forest lands, mountains and Hills were already occupied illegal by yellow mafia in Andhra Pradesh .  
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