Quid Pro Quo with Lingamaneni

CM Chandrababu, who acquired wetlands of great commercial value from farmers for the sake of the new capital, managed to exempt his allies from it. The capital’s boundaries spread till exactly where Babu’s allies’ lands started. Proof to this is the 10 meter-distance between Lingamaneni estate’s boundary and the capital’s boundary. It is a public secret that Chandrababu and his family got Lingamaneni guest house and share of Lingamaneni estates in exchange of this favour. What else can exemplify Quid Pro Quo better than this?

Babu’s relationship with Lingamaneni

Lingamaneni Ramesh, the director of Lingamaneni Estates Pvt. Ltd. is a close friend of CM Chandrababu. It is rumoured that Ramesh arranged for the private jet in which Chandrababu’s family flew abroad after the announcement of results for general elections. He bought 632 acres of land at Kanteru village of Tadikonda mandal and Kaza village of Mangalagiri mandal in Guntur district, in the name of his family members and various companies of Lingamaneni group till June 2014. CM Chandrababu and central urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu had been announcing that the state capital would be set up on Guntur-Vijayawada highway. Hence, a concerned Lingamaneni Ramesh started to put pressure on Babu.

4000 crores’ profit for Lingamaneni

Once the agreement with Lingamaneni was finalized, Babu gave clarity on the state capital. Adjoining the lands he already had bought, Lingamaneni purchased land of more than 168 acres between the 8th of June 2014 and the 4th of September 2014 at a cost price of Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs per acre. He arranged boundary to the estate in Kaza and Kanteru areas and fixed CC cameras and other security measures like checkposts. Following prior agreement, Chandrababu’s family was secretly given share in this estate. In exchange, Babu made sure not one acre of this estate was included in the capital city’s area by decided Nidamarru village as the capital’s boundary.

With the fixing of capital’s boundary just 10 meters away from Lingamaneni estate’s boundary, the value of the estate multiplied by many times. Now each acre’s value is around Rs.5 crores. Hence only Lingamaneni estate profited Rs.4000 crores from Babu’s capital city plan.

This is Quid Pro Quo

Government has helped the sale of more than 700 flats and villas in IJM Apartments constructed by Lingamaneni group around Kaza village of Mangalagiri mandal at huge price. After the sale of all the flats, The Government calmly announced announced that the capital would be set up in Tullur. In exchange to this, Babu’s family was given share of the property. Apart from this, Babu was also gifted the Lingamaneni guest house that was illegally built beside Karakatta on the river belt of Krishna. To remodel this guest house, arrange security features and highways around it, Chandrababu extravagantly spent more than 100 crores of rupees of taxpayers’ money. But this was called as ‘CM’s unofficial guesthouse’ till the 25th of December. R&B department’s Chief Engineer expressed objection to the proposal for arrangement of electric equipment of Rs.2.27 crores’ value in this house. So it had to be announced as ‘CM’s temporary official guesthouse’ on the 25th of December. This makes it clear that the building was given to Babu as a gift by Lingamaneni. This is the correct example of Quid Pro Quo, as opined by people in TDP themselves.

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