People Unite To Agitate Against Yellow Atrocities

Purchase of MLAs like that of cattle in fairs

People's fury towards Babu's degraded politics

Fury and frustration are growing among the people throughout the state against the corrupted rule of Chandrababu's Goverment since they had come to power. Huge negative criticism is being expressed against Chandrababu Naidu for shamelessly buying the opposition parties' MLAs with corrupt money. Everybody is fed up with the selfish behaviour of Babu during his earlier attempts to buy MLAs in Telangana spending crores of rupees of money and now during his undemocratic decoy and purchase of opposition MLAs.
Waving goodbye to constitutional values and the mocking democracy, Babu is encouraging party defection. In protest of this practice, YSR Congress Party is going to hold 'Save Democracy' agitation on the 23rd of this month. Certain political parties including left parties and some people's organisations have extended their support to this movement. The leaders and representatives of those parties and organisations are slamming the TDP Government for its unethical act of buying opposition MLAs inspite of having enough power. They are questioning that this is nothing but hurting the feelings of the voters and hence it would face friction from the people.
The representatives of the supporters of YSRCP's agitation are warning the leaders of the Government that careless and indifferent behaviour towards people till the end of their five-year tenure would result in the people becoming opposition to the Government. Extensive debate is happening throughout the state regarding the unconstitutional behaviour of Chandrababu. A great number of people are coming forward to take part in the Save Democracy agitation being held by YSR Congress Party.
Teams of YSRCP are going to organise candlelight vigil at all the district headquarters. They will also hold large scale public meetings and raise awareness about the Government's atrocities among the people.
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