No stopping for TDP leaders threatening voters

The TDP leaders are playing all tricks in the trade to win the Nandyal by-poll. With the tide is going against the TDP, they are even losing his temper at public interactions. They have been threatening and warning the voters openly. This was widely covered by the National Media too.
From ministers to MPs to local leaders are sweating it out in Nandyal and even Chandrababu toured the constituency twice. But, the TDP leaders have failed to create any impact on the Nandyal voters.
"You should not walk on the roads I laid and avail the benefits that I have announced if you don't vote for me," Chandrababu said this recently. 
Now, another TDP leader and Vijayawada Central MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao tried to threaten voters saying pension to senior citizens will be cut if they did not vote for the TDP.
Bonda Uma made these remarks on Wednesday while disbursing pensions to senior citizens along with municipal councillor of Ward No 24 Dileep in Nandyal.
"When you people are getting benefited from the welfare schemes that are being implemented by the TDP government. Why will you not vote for the party?.If not, you will have to face severe consequences" he questioned.
He also violated Model Code of Conduct by seeking votes from the government staff in the BC welfare hostel.
There is no stopping for the TDP leader's threatening the voters and the common voters have openly slamming the TDP leaders in return.
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