Mission impossible 2019 for Chandrababu

Chandrababu Naidu held an election preparatory meet the other day. But, as is his wont, he soon turned into a Jagan-Modi bashing meet. He used the teleconference to spit fire on Modi and Jagan. He said Modi, KCR and Jagan are jealous about the progress that AP is making. 

If that is so, why did Chandrababu crave for an alliance with the BJP in 2014 and why did he continue it for four years? Why did he talk about alliances even as the body of his estranged brother-in-law Harikrishna was lying in state? Did he not say that the special package given by the Centre was far better than the special status and did he not say this on the floor of the house? He perhaps is a past master in the art of double speak. Forked tongue politics is his forte!

His heap on invectives against the Federal Front will make people puke in disgust. He is trying to peddle the falsehood that Federal Front was meant to further BJP’s agenda. But, did he not try to court the Congress in Telangana? He is also refusing to see the writing on the wall that his anti-BJP front has been rejected lock stock and barrel in Telanagana. Well! If he does it, it’s politics, if others do it, then it’s rank opportunism. That’s Chandrababu style for you.

Even in case of the abominably wrong sleaze stories about Jagan’s sister Sharmila, he is trying to peddle falsehoods. Sharmila has accused TDP of trolling her. Instead of answering it, Chandrababu is seeking to counter attack saying it was YSRCP which began trolling. He is trying to hide the fact that most TDP leaders, including himself, use downright objectionable language against their rivals. 

One only has to look at the kind of language the TDP uses in the Assembly. 

It is clear from the tele conference that his Election Mission 2019 tele conference is actually a 2019 mission impossible.


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