The left parties support YSRCP's fight

New Delhi: The Leader of Opposition, YSRCP President, YS Jagan
received the support from the CPI, CPM parties. The General Secretary of
the CPM party, Sitaram Yechury has  extending their party support in
relation to the special status in Delhi. He stated that personally as
well as on behalf of CPM party, he is giving is full support to the
protest by YSRCP. He reminded that Parliament has agreed upon giving the
special status to the State long back. He also said that they already
raised an issue to solve the problems due to partition.

said the action of BJP in promising the special status and not fulfillng
the promise is not appropriate, and he mentioned about the words of
Gurajada, " A country is not about the land but it is about the people
belonging to that land" He said, he would support the movement and be a
part of YS Jagan's initiative.

He also said that the Kerala
MP, Jayadevan, belonging to CPI party, will also demand and support the
movement for the Special status. Sitaram confirmed that the CPI and CPM
party would support the YSRCP party until the special status for the
State is given.
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