Lack Of Attention Towards Irrigation Sector

Lakes drying up by the day
Weed plant developing in the sites of lakes and check dams
Lakes under repair not yet taken care of

Vijayawada: Chandrababu is not able to put on rule, part of the concentration he has been putting on publicity. The farmers are at trouble due to the Government'snegligence in completing at least the projects and canal work initiated during YS Rajasekhar Reddy's tenure.

Prominence of lakes

Farmers are fighting for irrigation every year. They are suffering from lack of water flow from rivers and canals. Lakes also are failing to provide the required water. Their basins are becoming rich with weeds and thorny plants. Hence, cultivation of at least one crop is becoming a challenge.

Negligence towards lakes

Boundaries of lakes have been cut off in many places due to rains, flooding the water wastely. But no attempts have been made for repairing them. Plants have overgrown in the empty river basind. As a result, water supply from these lakes has become impossible.

Corruption overtook the situation

Irregularities have taken place in the prestigious Neeru-Chettu scheme taken up by the state Government. It is complained that the leaders and the activists of the ruling party are filling their pockets by doing things where they are not required and not doing them where they are. It will be beneficial if lakes are repaired and unwanted trees are removed. The work being done on lakes spending lakhs of rupees is seeming to go waste as it is finally not benefiting the farmers.

Need for care

It is to be remembered that summer time is crucial for preservation of lakes. Repair work should be done before the onset of the monsoon season. But the Government's indifference towards these facts is bothering farmers.
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