Imposition Of Charges For Every Three Months

Chandrababu’s Government keeps looking
for new ways to impose charges on people. He has the credit of hiking charges
10 times in his previous 9-year tenure. Now he is again busy in breaking his
own records. For this he is going to exploit the Uday scheme introduced by
the centre.

According to this scheme, the DisComs’
profit-loss scenario has to be reviewed once in every 3 months. If losses
dominate, they have to be immediately overcome. The consumers shall be imposed
more charges in the next 3-month period in order to compensate the losses.
Regulations indicate that the people are even supposed to fill the loss caused
by purchase of power at high cost.

So it is understood that the people will
have to bear high power charges at least once in every 3 months. In order to
compensate the losses and get rid of debts of the DisComs, the state Government
has released bonds for 75% of the debt of Rs.11,000 crore. The intention of
Uday scheme is to see that the power distribution companies do not bear the
burden of losses. Ultimately, it is true that Chandrababu’s Government always
chooses to accept those schemes that impose burden on people.

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