How Is Pattiseema Different From Polavaram

Hyderabad: Polavaram project is said to be a multipurpose project for the Telugu speaking people. The decisions taken by the Government regarding such a project are raising eyebrows.

The Goverment that had made a number of promises prior to elections regarding Polavaram project stopped taking mention of it after coming into power. It suddenly brought Pattiseema lift irrigation scheme into picture in spite of experts' declaring it as a wasteful scheme. To implement this scheme the Goverment had taken lands from the farmers giving them the demanded compensation. Irrespective of getting water out of it, the scheme was wound up to benefit the contractors.
Polavaram project that would actually benefit people could not catch the interests of the corrupt Government which also denied to offer the lawful compensation. With the help of loopholes and coils, the Government is trying to snatch lands from the tribal people for meagre costs. It is not hesitating to even book legal cases on the tribal people who asked for rightful compensation.
The irony in the whole scenario is that the victims of Pattiseema as well as Polavaram belong to the same district. While the expatriates of Pattiseema are from plains, the victims of Polavaram are mostly tribal people. This means that the Government is following vengeful behaviour towards backward tribal people.
In fact the rehabilitation package work at Pattiseema is happening at a faster pace only because the Government can benefit more from it while Polavaram is being given a cold shoulder because the Government has little to benefit from it.
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