History of the Yellow MLA

From Sand Mafia to Call Money..
Illegal Business and disgusting actions
Bode Prasad a crorepati

It is highly atrocious that no case has been filed on Penamaluru TDP
MLA Bode Prasad despite the victims declaring that he is involved in the
call money sexual exploitation scandal. Chandrababu is stratregically
trying to spare and save Bode Prasad, Budha Venkanna and other TDP
leaders. This is clearly evident with his questioning the Police higher
officers during the Collectors meet in Vijayawada asking them ‘will you
trouble the government’.
All settlements in Guest House and office
woman complained to the police commissioner that MLA Bode Prasad is
involved in the call money business. She mentioned that Bode Prasad
frequently goes to the Call Money office in Patamata and also settled
some cases there in the office. Few sources mentioned that the MLA also
settles some cases in his guest house at Poranki. It is also known from
reliable sources that the MLA and his followers arrange a grand party to
the celebrities in his guest house. The women’s unions and people
unions are furious on Chandrababu for not taking any action despite all
these evidences and reports.
Shameless Chandrababu
the victims explained their problems to Chandrababu two months back, he
did not pay attention, as a result of that negligence today the party
has landed into a grave problem. As the TDP leaders were red handedly
caught in the scandal, Chandrababu was in a shock and talking in a
delusional tone, said the opposition parties and public unions. He is
defending the convicts and blaming the authorities that they have failed
in identifying it earlier.
Binami Sand Mafia
Prasad is also doing sand business in Peddapulipaka sand quarry using
binami people. It is heard that the amount he earns on that sand mafia
is invested in call money financing. The MLA followers were working in
the quarry loading the sand to tippers. The binami accounts of the MLA
were credited with crores of rupees earned through selling 4.5 lakh
cubic meters of sand. Even now the MLA’s followers are doing that sand
MLA Collected Bribes
are some accusations that the MLA has collected more than one crore
rupees from builders who have constructed house without yanamalakuduru
panchayat approval. In the past Bode Prasad assigning someone else to
appear for Distance Education examinations on behalf of him to earn a
degree has propagated in the news. There was no case filed on that
incident. He has disproportional properties like two cinema theatres in
Poranki, a crusher in Donabanda, two acres land in Poranki, a guest
house and a house in Poranki. He is presently also constructing an
apartment in Poranki. In the past he owned several buses and lorries.
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