Government shamefully backs killer corporate colleges

The reply given by Minister for Higher Education Ganta Srinivasa Rao in AP Assembly on the spate of suicides of students in corporate college, has hurt more bereaved parents that it assuaged their feelings. Will mere levying of fines and few admonitions make up for the loss of lives? What is worrisome is that the Government is fully backing the corporate educational institutions, which are making false promises, subjecting students to untold mental and physical hardships and are resorting to all conceivable means of luring the students. These corporate managements send their agents to the homes of Class X students and trap them much beforethe exam results are out. They promise top ranker positions to their children and subject them to untold mental cruelty by forcing them to achieve what they can possibly never achieve.

Unfortunately, instead of reining in the unfair practices and exploitation by the corporate educational institutions, the government is going all out to help them. Chandrababu is doing everything he can to abdicate the responsibility of education to the cruel corporates. It is clear that the extra classes and jail-like hostels cannot go on with without the active backing of the Government. Why is the government not reining them in? The Government must answer this question. Just mouthing platitudes in an assembly boycotted by the Opposition will not suffice.

It was shocking to listen to the Chief Minister himself saying that most suicides happen because of failure in love and domestic problems. If this is so, why are students from the Government and non-corporate colleges not committing suicides? What about the suicide letters that specifically mention the unbearably difficult pressure cooker type of situation in the corporate colleges? Why is the government not taking them into cognizance? It is shameful to obsolve the two big corporate educational mafias of all responsibility in the student suicides.

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