The Government Puts The State At Stake

  • The goverment takes a U turn regarding its notification
  • The issue of the capital back to square one
  • A new drama about a fresh notification
  • Curtains raised for robbery of lakhs of crores
Amaravati:  The matter of Swiss challenge has taken a new turn. The AP state Government reported to the High Court that they would not go ahead with the notification released inviting proposals in competition with the proposals made by the Singapore Consortium for the development of AP capital, bringing the whole issue to square one. The state government informed to the High Court that they had made amendments to APIDE-2001 and released ordinances. The high court stated that in such a situation, the writ petitions filed with the single judge challenging the competing proposals as well as the writ appeals made by the government and the CRDA would go void. The court made it clear that if the petitioners approached the court again about the new notifications issued by the government, then the issues mentioned in the earlier writ petitions could be taken into account. These orders have been issued by the bench consisting ACJ Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and lawyer Justice Upmaka Durga Prasad Rao.

New drama about a fresh notification
In light of the writ petitions submitted by Indian companies over Swiss challenge system and the writ appeal submitted by the AP Government and CRDA, the government's lawyer Advocate General, Dammalapati Srinivas, stated to the High Court that it would not go ahead with the current notification and would issue a fresh notification soon. It is, however, being heard that Chandrababu would not step back after having plotted to pocket crores of rupees and that the issue of a new notification is only to bluff the court. The amendments made to the Andhra Pradesh Infrastructure Enabling Act-2001, while the case over Swiss challenge was still in the court under trial, is strengthening the doubt that they might have been sowing seeds for yet another conspiracy.

Supreme Court has taken objection
The supreme court, during the trial of the case of selection of the contractor for construction of houses in the municipal corporation of Thane of Maharashtra, issued its verdict on 11th of May in 2009 and released the regulations to be implemented in Swiss challenge system. The high court expressed severe discontent about AP government's not following any of these regulations and behaving at its will.

Acquisition of lands for the real estate business  
Chandrababu government has raised curtains to a huge scam in the name of Swiss challenge along with the private companies of Singapore for the capital startup area project. Before the official announcement for the arrangement of capital city was given, insider trading took place and lakhs of crores of rupees were robbed by Chandrababu and Co at the cost of the well being of poor farmers. The lands acquired from the farmers by hook or crook were handed over to Singaporean companies' consortium through Swiss challenge system and a master plan was devised to pocket lakhs of crores of rupees by doing real estate business with them. The regulations of the Swiss challenge system were violated and the central government was cheated.
Despite the supreme court's stating that the Swiss challenge system lacked transparency and Kelkar committee's suggestions not to encourage the system and despite suggestions by the government's chief secretary SP Tucker and financial department chief secretary PV Ramesh against the employment of the system, Chandrababu did not retreat. The AP government released a Swiss challenge tender notification for the startup area project in extremely valuable 1,691 acres of land in the seed capital area. The statements made by the High Court during the trial of Swiss challenge case revealed the violation of regulations in the startup area project. The story of the dark agreement between Chandrababu and Co and Singapore companies consortium was uncovered.

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