False Cases Drawing Disgust From People

  • Chandrababu's Government lacking humanity
  • Victims face injustice in bus accident incident
  • No case filed against JC Diwakar Reddy
  • False cases against the leader of opposition
  • Case registered only on the driver who passed away
Hyderabad: Tyrannical rule is going on in the state of AP. Adding to earlier evidences of this statement, recent road accident in Krishna district proved the negligent behaviour of the TDP Government towards people's safety and well-being.

Twenty kilometres away from the capital city, near Moolapadu village, a bus belonging to Diwakar Travels owned by TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy, hit a culvert and fell into a canal 20 feet deep, killing 12 people including the driver and injuring 32. The Government did not take up any inquiry and registered a case on the driver who died in the accident. It made all efforts to protect the management of the bus company that did not follow any regulations. As part of this, it made sure no autopsy was conducted to the driver's body.

The Government got false cases filed under 3 sections on YSRCP president YS Jagan and leaders Samineni Udayabhanu and Jogi Ramesh for questioning the atrocious behaviour. It is strange to see the officials announce that they would file cases on the management if the driver was proven to have been drunk while driving, given the way autopsy on the driver had not been done.

People are at disgust towards the Government's behaviour. They will teach TDP a lesson if it goes on like this.

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