Dalit welfare or Dalit betrayal?

Realising that the Dalits are moving away from the ruling TDP, Chandrababu Naidu has unveiled an ambitious Dalit outreach called ‘Dalita Tejam – Telugu Desam.” As part of this programme, Chandrababu Naidu’s party workers plan to go to each Dalit house and explain about the Dalit welfare measures of his government.
So far so good! But, what about his comment that nobody wants to be born as a Dalit? The Dalits haven’t forgotten this slight!! What more, during the 2014 elections he said he would punish those who do not sped the funds allocated for ST, ST sub-plan. But, now that he is in power, he hasn’t even spent 10 per cent of the allocated funs. Shouldn’t Chandrababu Naidu be punished for it?  Also, he promised to give back the lands taken from the Dalits in the name of various project. Let alone giving back, he has gobbled up more Dalit lands than anyone else. Isn’t this a betrayal of Dalits.
So, will the Dalits believe in Chandrababu Naidu’s talk of Dalit welfare? Will they trust his words about Ambedkar when he has punctured the lofty ideals of Ambedkar as a ruler? Isn’t encouraging defections a travesty of the constitution that Dr Ambedkar gave us?
Isn’t it laughable that Chandrababu calls himself a Dalit Jyothi? Time for Dalits to call Chandrababu’s bluff.
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