Chandrababu's 'Vision' To Affect The Education Of The Poor

Hyderabad: Chandrababu is planning to shut down the
hostels of poor SC, ST and BC students, hindering their education. Hostels play
a major role in the education of students of these social classes. There are
3-4 hostels in every mandal, providing food and boarding to the students
procuring education in local institutions. Governments in the past worked for
improvement of educational standards of students in these hostels.

Since he came into power, Chandrababu has been giving hard time
to poor students in the name of experimenting. Now in the name of rationalization,
hostels are being shut down. Students are being asked to join nearby social
welfare residential schools instead. But there are actually not enough schools
for the students thousands in number. Poor parents are now worried about the
education of their children.

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