Chandrababu’s Briefed Language

Hyderabad: Chandrababu was caught red-handed in Note for Vote case. The
vocabulary used by him during his communication with MLA Stephenson also became
popular since then as ‘Briefed Language’. Here are the details of that

follower: Hello, Yeah brother. Babu garu going to talk to you. Be on the line.

Stephenson: Yeah

Chandrababu: Hello

Stephenson: Sir, Good
evening sir.

Chandrababu: Good
evening, brother. How are you?

Stephenson: Fine,
thank you sir.

Chandrababu: Mana
vaallu briefed me. I am with you. Don’t bother.

Stephenson: Yes sir.
Right sir.

Chandrababu: For everything
I am with you. What all they spoke, will honour.

Stephenson: Yes sir.
Right sir.

Chandrababu: Freely
you can decide. No problem at all.

Stephenson: OK sir.

Chandrababu: That is
our commitment. We will work together.

Stephenson: Right..
Thank you sir.

Chandrababu: Thank you.

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