Chandrababu's behaviour stuns victims

Why is Chandrababu Naidu getting very impatient and touchy these days? Why is he losing his cool at the drop of the hat? Has Balayya’s abrasive demeanor rubbed off on Chandrababu too? The other day, he slapped an AgriGold victim, when the latter sought Chandrababu’s intervention in solving the imbroglio. He did not even bother to listen to their plight and when one of them persisted with his question, chief minister slapped him.
But, this abrasive behavior is nothing new as Chandrababu behaved much in the same when Fathima College students or the fisher-folk met him. When the barbers tried to meet with to narrate their plight, he simply asked the security staff to drive them away.
The AgriGold victims have been waiting for the past four years for justice. The owners of the AgriGold are now out on bail. Till now, no justice has been done so far. Now concerted attempts are being made to show less value for the AgriGold assets. By doing this, the ruling party coterie wants to grab the AgriGold assets at throwaway prices. When this happens, the victims can never get any compensation. Hence the victims staged a dharna near the Haailand and demanded compensation. 
The protesters, who were arrested, asked Chandrababu as to what their fate would be. At this Chandrababu behaved so very insensitively. His behavior has left the people shocked . They now feel that the only way to make Chandrababu to show his place is to defeat him in the elections.

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