Centinarian blesses YS Jagan


A frail and emaciated centenarian met YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, currently on a padayatra in Nemagottipalem of Bhimili area in Visakhapatnam district and blessed him. “I trust you would be like your father and work for the welfare of the people of the state,” he said. 

The centineratian, identified as Golagani Appala Swamy met Jagan on the 266 th day of his padayatra. Like Appala Swamy, many people came from far corners to catch a glimpse with him and interact with him. 

He blessed Jagan saying the people of the state have high hopes on him and that he should bring Ramarajya. Love for YSR and his son are drawing the people from all parts of the district to YS Jagan. Swamy, who walked all the way to meet him, told YS Jagan that his toil would not go waste and that he would go on to become the chief minister.

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