Build capital in govt land, YS Jagan

Rajahmundry, Reiterating that TDP Government should refrain from traumatizing farmers to give up their multi-crop land, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said, instead it should use degraded forest land for the purpose.

“We cannot allow the State Government to do real estate business in the name of capital formation leaving the hapless farmers high and dry,” he told reporters here on Friday.

When 3,000 acres of government land is available in Mangalagiri area itself, why the State should go after the fertile lands unless it has ulterior motives, he said. The capital city can be built in the 3,000 acres on lines of Singapore, Japan or any other place, lay roads and after zoning leave the agriculture lands to farmers who will decide what they have to do, he said. The problem and resistance arises only in the acquisition of private land and the State should keep away from it and make use of the government land, he said.
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