Betraying YSRCP costing Chand Basha dear as TDP sidelines him

Vijayawada: Chand Basha, MLA from Kadiri constituency in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh, is facing a tough time after he parted ways with YSR Congress Party. Ever since he joined Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Chand Basha has been sidelined by senior TDP leaders, including Payyavula Keshav and Kandikunta Prasad.
Adding to his woes, KM Basha, a close associate of Chand Basha, has also joined Kandikunta camp.Uravakonda MLA Payyavula Keshav and Kandikunta Venkata Prasad, who contested as TDP candidate in Kadiri constituency and lost to Chand Basha in 2014 Assembly elections, are targeting Chand Basha. These intra-party politics are making Chand Basha restless and uncomfortable. This became amply clear when Chand Basha himself recently withdrew from Mini Mahanadu midway. Kandikunta's comments on Chand Basha during the Mini Mahanadu irked him. Kandikunta said two swords can't be kept in one sheath, indicating that Basha has no place in the TDP. This comment made Chand Basha stage a walkout from the meeting.
Chand Basha's political growth is thanks to YSRCP. He was made a municipal chairperson and then an MLA from Kadiri. Anticipating a minister position, Chand Basha joined the ruling TDP. Shrugging off stiff opposition from Payyavula Keshav and Kandikunta Venkata Prasad, AP Chief Minister and TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu has taken Chand Basha into the party fold. After ditching YSR Congress party, Chand Basha has lost moral ground in the eyes of public.
TDP senior leaders have targeted Chand Basha and criticized him at district-level meeting held on May 3. Payyavula Keshav reportedly said that some leaders could not remain without power even for a few years and joined the YSRCP. Now they are coming back to the TDP. He termed such leaders turncoats.
According to rumours making rounds in the party corridors, Chand Basha clinched a deal for Rs 5.70 crore and a minister berth in TDP government. Subsequently, he paid Rs3.70 crore in the first tranche and Rs 50 lakhs a week ago. Chand Basha was also claiming that he was offered ministerial position by N Chandrababu Naidu. However, one by one all his close associates are leaving Chand Basha. He is left with few counselors only.

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