Authorities stimulated by YS Jagans protest

Response in Tobacco Board

Acceptance to pay compensation

Guntur: With the protest of the opposition leader & YSRCP Chief Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy in Tanguturu, the Government came down and accepted to pay compensation for the loss incurred by the Tobacco farmers. Moved by the serial suicides of the tobacco farmers, Y.S.Jagan travelled in Prakasam District to support the farmers. He consoled the family members of the farmers who committed suicides and visited the Tobacco Auction House in Tanguturu. With his protest Y.S.Jagan confronted the Government.

Stimulated by YS Jagans Protest

He confronted the State & Central Governments and also the authorities of the Tobacco Board questioning the delay in paying the compensation to the farmers. With this there was some positive stimulation in the Government Authorities and Tobacco Board which immediately gave orders to release the compensation. For the low grade F9, F10 and NOG Tobacco, Rs.20 per kilogram will be paid as compensation which will be deposited in the farmer accounts.

Finally some Compensation..!

Six tobacco farmers have committed suicides as there is no buying of tobacco and lack of fair price for the yield. Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy stood up for the cause to support these farmers, he questioned the indifference of the Government which paid no concern to the farmers. He assured the farmers that he will stand support to them. The farmers thanked him for protesting on behalf of them and succeeding.

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