Andhra Pradesh State 'Retrogrades' In Chandrababu Rule

The residuary state Andhra Pradesh was facing umpteen number of problems to move as a progressed state in India under the Chandrababu Naidu's regime.  Thanks to the CM's indifferent on many important issues including special status,  state was lagging behind in achieving the desired goals for the last four years. 
Chandrababu is confined to making tall claims, holding 'time pass' events, conducting frequent foreign visits and cabinet meeting and  gave an impression that he was striving hard for the development of state. 

In the reality, the TDP Chief's efforts  proved to be a damp squib  on all fronts. He utterly failed in convincing the union government to  get  special status for Andhra.  The state also did not get required funds even after the centre announced special package in the place of special status.  

Chandrababu created big hype by organising investment summits incurring crores of rupees expenditure by inviting foreign delegates.  Practically, not a single company came forward and set up industries in Andhra.  His tall claim of creation of lakhs of jobs in private sector had been a 'big lie'. The statements made by Chandrababu that Andhra will surpass Japan and America and achieve double digit GDP remain on papers. 

Further, Chandrababu spent Rs 400 crore on the construction of new capital Amaravati but no significant development was taken place. He also failed in fulfilling the promises including unemployment dole to the youth, completion of Polavaram, Duggarajapatnam port and new railway zone for Andhra. 

In all, the Andhra Pradesh was moving backward under the leadership of Chandrababu. Unbridled corruption and lack of leadership plunged Andhra into great trouble in the crucial time.

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