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Hyderabad, February 15: YSR Congress has slammed TDP for its vicious propaganda against YSR and his family members. 

“TDP leaders trying to implicate YSR and his family members into every scam that breaks out is silly and the remarks of Revenath Reddy trying to link YSR to the helicopter purchase irregularities by the Centre has no reason nor is it comprehensible ” party spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra Rao told reporters here on Friday.

The allegation exposes the shallowness of the TDP leader and it boomerangs on the party president N Chandrababu Naidu himself.  

Reventh Reddy’s tone and tenor of alleging that YSR has purchased the Agastha helicopter and lost his life as it was purchased by ill-gotten wealth sounds illogical and sub-human.  

“If Revenath Reddy has any rivalry with his party leader, he cannot use our party as a ploy to launch an attack as the helicopters were purchased during TDP term only. The death of YSR and the faulty helicopter needs a probe and we welcome such statements and we have been asking since long to investigate into helicopter crash,” he said.  

The allegations that someone close to YSR and Emaar Company were involved in the helicopter purchase do not sound well as Emaar is the discovery of Chandrababu Naidu as far as our State is concerned.  

The TDP President has doled out many favours to Emaar Properties and he deserves to be questioned and not YSR or his family members, he said.  

Chandrababu Naidu too has lost balance of mind due to frustration and has been very incoherent of late. On one hand, he goes from town to town criticising the State Government and exhibiting his verbose din to speak of the inefficiency of N Kiran Kumar Reddy governance.  

At the same time, he does not dare to question the Chief Minister at the appropriate plank or in the floor of the House and refuses to use the no confidence motion as he wants the Congress to continue in office.  

This dichotomy has been well established and Naidu has been emulating YSR in the padayatra but cannot forget TDP governance during which term all sections of the people were under duress.  

People will teach TDP a lesson at the hustings, he said.

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