YSRCP apprehensive of TDP remarks

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 YSRCP apprehensive of TDP remarks

Hyderabad, October 23: The remarks of TDP leaders that
Congress has been providing all comforts to Jagan in jail has a veiled
indication that some other conspiracy is in the offing, YSRCP has said.

 “Whenever TDP raises some doubts, Congress takes
drastic action immediately. Be it withdrawing the bullet proof car, arresting a
day before Jagan was to appear before the court or ED attaching Sakshi assets
on the eve of the bail verdict, it has been crystal clear and now when they
speak of jail,Jagan and comforts we are apprehensive” Party spokesperson Gattu
Ramachandra Rao told media here on Tuesday.

 Right from filing the PIL, Congress and TDP are
working in tandem targeting YSR family members and are part of conspiracy along
with other vested interests.

 “When a TDP leader points out that Congress is
extending all facilities to Jagan in jail, going by the past experiences, we
are very apprehensive.” he said adding that TDP has been
dictating terms to Congress all these days and continues to do so.

 The pact being Congress protects Naidu from all cases
and he returns the favour with a motive to save the Government at any cost.

 The padayatra of Chandrababu Naidu has turned out to
be a sham as he has been speaking without any reason. His biggest fear has been
the exodus from his Party following the response Sharmila has been getting.

 “He has been raking up senseless issues which are
against the secular character of our nation and which are unbecoming of leader
who has been in public life for more than 30 years,” Gattu said.

 The back-up team of TDP leaders have been raking up
non-issues and trying to blow them out of proportion only to please Chandrababu

 Some of the leaders, who held high positions, are
speaking like a novice and their remarks are unconstitutional at times.

 Sharmila has been undertaking the padayatra to know
the people’s problems first hand and when someone complaints of the
inefficiency of the Government, the local MLA cannot be blamed for it.

“In that case, Chandrababu Naidu should agree that
there are no problems in the 80-odd constituencies represented by TDP. Yanamala
Ramakrishnudu, who has been the speaker during deep crisis in the Party, should
know the limits and responsibilities of the Government and legislators,” he


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