YSRCP: We will win hands down in unified AP

Press Release

Hyderabad, Jan 20, 2014: Asserting that the State will go to polls as a united entity, YSR Congress has slammed the detractors for levelling false allegations against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who has been fighting a lone battle against the division of the state and said that it will win the elections hands down.

“With time running out for the Parliament to take up the State Reorganisation Bill, I do not think the State can be divided before the elections and they will be held in a united state but Congress, TDP and our estranged friend Sabbam Hari have been targeting YS Jagan Mohan Reddy by levelling false allegations though the facts point otherwise,” party senior leader Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy told reporters here on Monday.

By announcing Telangana though Congress has no sincerity on the issue, they tried to alienate YS Jagan Mohan Reddy from the region and now they are trying to project Kiran Kumar Reddy as champion of Seemandhra by floating a proxy party in a bid to cut into YS Jagan Moahn Reddy’s base but such designs will boomerang and badly affect the two parties.

As BJP President Rajnath Singh too expressed doubts about the Bill getting through the Parliament in the February session, “we are resolute that the elections will be held in a united state and YSR Congress will sweep Seemandhra and win sizable seats Telangana region as well as people could see through the shallowness and ulterior motives of Congress and TDP.”

It was YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who went on fast in jail while his mother and our Party Honorary President YS Vijayamma had taken up fast at Guntur. After his release from jail, he had again sat on fast against the division and has been very much in the forefront fighting the battle on all fronts for a united state while Kiran Kumar Reddy has been following the dictates of the high command along with TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu who refused to withdraw the letter he has given in favour of Telangana as he must be aware that the division will not take place.

Our President has toured the nation meeting leaders of all political and regional parties to convince them about the need for amending article 3 as it is being misused by the Centre. Some of the leaders whom he met have agreed for the amendment.

“When YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been so transparent about his thoughts and his stand on the united state, Congress, TDP and Sabbam Hari join together to say that he is a separatist who is wearing the mask of an integrationist. This argument makes no sense but only exposes the true colours of the two parties,” he said.

The detractors telling that Jagan’s graph is pointing southward are absolutely wrong and on the contrary it is soaring. I was polled 55 % of the total votes in Nellore by-poll while TDP and Congress together could not get 42 % which shows which Party graph is on the rise.

We will have a decisive mandate in our favour in the ensuing elections which will be held in the united state and will prove them wrong as our Party is poised to win sizable seats in Telangana as well,” he said.

The Congress MPs have been resorting to theatrics and the six MPs who have moved the no-confidence motion dare attend the AICC meeting, with or without invitation and try to show off to the people that they have shown the placards of a united state and Congress high command is trying to project Kiran Kumar Reddy as a champion of Seemandhra and may be, float a new party which they feel would cut into the votes YSRCP.

“This is sheer imagination while the truth is that we are winning the elections hands down as people of Seemandhra will not believe the Congress and TDP designs and we are winning seats in Telangana as well,” he said.

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