Speeker:Nallasuryaprakash - Mar26,2012

YSR Congress on Monday said that the State Government ran away from the assembly without discussing the dalit issue, even as various dalitorganisations were on indefinite fast for the past 72 hours.
“The moment we gave the Chalo Assembly call, the House was adjourned and we were arrested though we had a small request of submitting a memorandum to the Speaker on the diversion of dalit funds, “the party SC Cell Convener Nalla Suryaprakash and State Mahila President K Lalitha Kumar told reporters here.
They accused TDP of being anti-dalit who tried to bring in a division among dalits, and said dalits will teach a fitting lesson to both Congress and TDP in the ensuing elections.
Nearly Rs 25,000 crores of dalit funds were being diverted and when the dalitorganisations held an indefinite fast, the State has sent emissaries but the government and TDP have ganged up  and gave priority to liquor scam over dalit issue in the Assembly which was adjourned without taking up the important cause for discussion, they said.
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has promised that a special budget will be introduced for dalits after YSRC comes to power, they said adding that it was only during YSR term that some justice was meted out to them and he treated all sections among dalits equally.
When dalits of the State unite, both Congress and TDP will be swept away in the deluge, they said adding that during YSR term nearly Rs 1,200 crores was spent for the welfare of dalits in various fields, including health, education, housing and other welfare schemes.

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