Speaker: Sunil Reddy -jan24,2012

In a shocking and sudden move early this morning ,  three CBI officers barged into the residence of Mr. Sunil Reddy , who is a distant relative of Jagan Mohan Reddy at 6.15 AM and took him into custody. The CBI officers entered his home and even as his wife was making coffee for them they abruptly announced their identity and immediately took Sunil away under their custody. The hapless mother and wife were mere spectators of the CBI’s high handed behavior as even the basic information and protection that every person is entitled to in such cases were denied . What is more shocking is that upto now Mr. Sunil Reddy has never figured in any of the ongoing investigations  pertaining to Jagan Mohan Reddy , as an accused , nor has he so far been summoned for any questioning in the past.  
The CBI has acted in clear contravention of the law which extends certain protection to every person who is picked up  -  which include basic information on the specific charges or case  for which such action has been taken , whether for questioning , the purpose and importantly the location to where the person is being taken.  In the case of Sunil Reddy, who is to date not even an accused it is blatant disregard for the law and the rights of an individual that no information of any kind was given to him or his family members. However, the CBI did not lose any time in informing media about the move and other details. So Mr. Sunil Reddy’s wife and mother learnt from media reports that he was taken to Dilkusha Guest House. When his wife visited him at the Guest House Mr Reddy informed her that he would return home in a day. But CBI has evidently chosen to give him inaccurate information because subsequent media reports reveal their intent  to arrest Sunil. 
Such high handedness  by CBI , flouting every basic right of an individual in such circumstances as defined by law  is condemnable resulting in the complete loss of credibility of the Investigative body . This latest action smacks of political vendetta initiated by vested interests in power to destroy their political adversaries, even at the cost of completely subverting the law.

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