Phone calls: YSRC sticks to stand: June 21,2012

Hyderabad, June 21: Sticking to its stand, YSRC on Thursday said the objection about CBI phone calls was only about the officer calling up a section of media and not the other way round and demanded action against the Joint Director of the investigation agency.
“We are not against the media, which has the privilege to talk to any investigation officer, but the rule book does not permit a CBI officer to call up certain people who are known adversaries of Sakshi group and news cannot precede an event in CBI investigation,” party spokespersons AmabatiRambabu, BajireddyGoverdhanVasireddy Padma and Janak Prasad told reporters here.
The party has been questioning the style of functioning of CBI from the very beginning but it did not cast aspersions on journalists. It was a section of media and the owners who were party to the conspiracy and we have been strongly arguing that CBI Joint Director VV Lakshminaryana cannot speak to media during the course of investigation as per the service rules.
“It did happen many times and the section of media has reported verbatim about the in-camera proceedings during the investigation of YS Jaganmohan Reddy. This cannot happen unless either the investigation officers or the people who were under investigation speak to the press,” they said.
“It did happen in my case. When CBI questioned me in the Emaar case, the entire proceedings came word to word in media house, which is a competitor to Sakshi. How can this happen unless the issue is leaked from the other side,” Ambati questioned.
Journalists need not get hurt as we did not level any allegation against the media. We only questioned the Joint Director speaking to some individuals and they calling back closely.
We did not tap any phone calls, but have the data of phone calls made which can be available legally. We have full details of duration of calls and will send them to the concerned officials for further action, he said.

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