Naidu’s response on no-trust issue confusing

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, Nov 17, 2012:
Reiterating that it is neither power-hungry nor interested in bringing down
Kiran Kumar Reddy Government, YSRCP on Saturday charged TDP president
Chandrababu Naidu with abdicating his responsibility as an opposition leader
and colluding with the Government.

senior leader and Central Governing Council (CGC) member M. V. Mysura Reddy
told media persons here that Naidu’s response on the no-trust issue was confusing
and asked him to make a clear statement on the issue.

you have confidence in the Government, there is no need for you to do
Padayatra. If you think the Government has failed on all respects as you have
been telling in your Padayatra, introduce no-trust motion against the
Government,” Mysura Reddy told the TDP chief, adding that a no-trust motion is
the only way to discuss people’s issues at full length.

Reddy charged Naidu with evading a direct reply on the issue and confusing
people and other parties by saying Assembly has not been in session. “A
no-trust move would take place only when assembly is in session but first make
your stand clear whether you are ready to introduce no-trust motion,” Mysura
asked Naidu.

that Naidu has stated Kiran Government has no right to continue in power even
for a day, Mysura has asked Naidu to prove his sincerity and credibility by
following it up with introducing no-trust motion. “If you are not coming
forward for such a move, we have to understand you have decided to protect the
Government and you are hand in glove with it,” he said.

Taking objection to Naidu’s suggestion to other
parties to approach Governor, Mysura said there is a difference between show of
strength before Governor and no-confidence vote in the assembly and asked Naidu
not to confuse the

 YSRCP committed on BC

spokesman Gattu Ramachandra Rao, who also addressed the media, said the party
is very much committed to its stated suggestion of sending 100 BC representatives
to the assembly. “If Naidu is sincere on this, let him agree to this proposal,”
Gattu averred.

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